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Ewelina Wlodarczyk, Certified Coach, ACC International Coach Federation, M.A International Economics Consulting, so far has completed more than 150 coaching hours with clients from Sweden, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland.

She has an experience in clarifying goals, identifying gaps between where the client is and where wants to be, supporting clients in developing strategies and action plans that reinforce positive change in life, active support in the process of overcoming obstacles and barriers that stand in the way to fulfilling and good life, support clients in the career transition and personal development.

Examples of the coaching topics Ewelina has worked so far are: personal development, career transition and development, business development, relationships, communication, motivation and healthy lifestyle. In her coaching practices she uses number of creative techniques like drawing, coaching cards or picture taking. She has 10 years of combined work experience from banking, finance controlling and HR. Ewelina has lived in Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden. Currently she is based in Prague, Czech Republic, where she coaches in person and online in English and Polish and work as HR specialist. 

In her own words 'My life is marked by three things: extensive traveling, desire to help others and interest in psychology, coaching and emotional intelligence. The most positive and satisfactory experiences I ever had in my life were always related to work with people and helping them to overcome blockages and barriers that prevent them from living joyful life. Being always very good listener and emphatic person life naturally draws me to coaching. And now it feels natural to support everyone that wants work on their own development and growth. I believe we are all capable to bring and apply positive changes into our lives, if we really want it'.