Career Transition Coaching

When you are not satisfied with your work

or bored doing numbers or stuck on the phone with rude customers? Or maybe you quit job every 6 months and change workplaces not knowing what career path would be good for you?

Every day we spend at work at least 8-10 hours a day. It's a lot of time. It is actually half of your day. It is too much time to be spent in the wrong place. Your time is important. It is also important to feel that you are in the right place, do what you are passionate about, use your talents and be surrounded by people that share the same values and interests.

It does not make a difference for me if you want to be a nurse and you are an accountant or you are an employee of a big multinational company and what to be a photographer. I care about you woke up in the morning with an enthusiasm and go to work happy, reach your goals, and transition to the career that will give you long term satisfaction and fulfilment. My role is to support you during that process, be there next to you, provide you with tools that will help you to discover right profession and your work values.

Ultimately your goal is to transition to the new job and my role as a Coach is to help you to archive it and create safe environment where you feel important and valued. Yes! You are important!