DISC 3D Assesment

When you would like to explore in depth

your communication style, factors that motivate you to achieve results, determine your level of decisiveness, resistance to stress, attitude to change, analytical skills, preferred team roles and values in the workplace. Sounds advanced?

It is much easier than you think. You took hundreds of tests during your years at school, college or university, but have you ever took an assesment that would help you to understand how you function at workplace and what you can do to improve that day by day? Have you ever thought why with some people you get along very easy and with some it is very difficult to create any connection? Discovering new things about yourself can be really rewarding and beneficial weather you just started your career or you have years of experience behind you. Learning about yourself in depth helps to understand our interactions with others and how to improve them.

This assessment is for you if you are eager to learn more about yourself. I am here to present you results of the assessment and guide you in understanding them.

Last but no least we are all different and complex beings and with better understanding of ourselves we better understand people around us.