Sour Experience or Sweet Blessing?

Is the negative life situation or the time of the life crisis really so bad? Is not the sour experience in the end the sweet blessing? What if instead of complaining and being angry at present situation you start to accept it and welcome it as an opportunity for personal growth and the first step toward positive change?

I reflect on my life quite often and I am always amazed how the life brings on our way certain people, events to initiate unexpected changes and disruptive endings. They are often the first signs that the change is needed and unavoidable, that something has to be given up in order to move on and enter the new brighter chapter of life. It might seem at the beginning that there is no hope for an improvement and everything is falling apart. Many emotions start to arise: fear, anger and despair. The fear of the unknown, the change, is normal. Even the dog is scared when changing an owner or being in the car for the first time. It barks, scratches, wants to escape and comes back to the old environment because it is known and safe.

And we fight quite often against negative life situations, not even noticing the new wonderful opportunities that are standing in front of us and waiting to be reached. The faster we notice them the more we are conscious about all life’s turns, ups and downs.

The most certain thing in life is its cyclical character. When the time is right be sure that the wheel of fortune will turn and the sky will show you the Sun again!