How to release negative emotions?

When we find ourselves in the difficult life situation most of the people experience lots of negative emotions. Some of them like anger can become motivation to positive change and action. But some emotions like anxiety, fear, stress, despair onced suppressed and not released can make a tremendous effect on our health in the future.  Our body remembers every type of the emotion: positive and negative. When we store too much negative emotions for a long time they can be transformed into sickness. That is why it is so crucial to release negative emotions as soon as we notice them appearing.

Here are the 5 most efficient in my opinion ways to release negative emotions:

1. Cry

If you feel like crying just cry. It doesn’t matter if you are woman or man, to cry it is nothing to be ashamed of.  After crying you will feel relief. I guarantee if you can not sleep because of the stress, after an evening of solid cry you would sleep like a babe and next morning you would feel much better.

2. Talk to someone that you trust and can listen

Telling a good friend about your situation will help you to feel like you are not alone with it. Furthermore your friend can just simply give you a second opinion about the whole situation and show you different perspective on it.

3. Write down the letter

Write down the letter where you describe all your feelings and troubles. Once is completed, make a decision that you want the negative feelings stay only on the paper.

4. Spend time in the nature

Go to the forest, spend time on the lake or seaside. Have a slow walk in the nature. Breathe deeply and appreciate what has been given to you. Green color has calming effect and the sound of sea waves helps to relax.

5. Start to exercise

Include exercises into your calendar. Find 30-40 min twice a week to do some sports. Doing exercises will unleash serotonin which is known as the hormone of happiness. Doing sports helps to concentrate on the proper movement instead of on negative situation. If you haven’t been doing any sports for ages start from the simplest ones like cycling, swimming, stretching or yoga.

The last but not least thing: Remember that every life situation does not last forever. Release negative emotions and look for the best solution.