Does the time really matter?

What if instead of years we measure our life in the number of experiences and lessons we learned? Would we appreciate more life and focus on it more than on the wrinkles?

Some of my friends are 3-8 younger than me some of them are 5-11 years older than me, still we can find common language and never get bored when we are together. I know them well and I can say that it is not the number of years lived but the number of experiences that shapes the character and helps to grow the most. It might seem that the moments of happiness gives us the most, but anyone that has experienced some difficult situation knows that the most challenging experiences teach the most. 

Your hair might get grey and your skin might not look the same as 20 years ago but I am sure that you are more confident and self aware of yourself than many years ago. If all those experiences you went through have been accumulated in just one calendar year you would lose lots of energy and not be able to reflect upon them. So in this context the clock time is important. It helps to distribute life experiences equally so they are not shoot at us all at once. 

One day when you finish this certain Earth experience , you will not remember gray hair and wrinkles but all the challenging moments and the time of glory.  Love your beautiful grey hair and all the wrinkles!

They are as wonderful as you are.