The 4 Pillars of Conscious Life

Have you ever seen construction supported by only one pillar? What about two pillars or three pillars? It is realistic to have stable construction based on 3 pillars but the stability will be reached when four pillars are placed.

Life can be compared to the building leaned by pillars. When one pillar is missing the whole construction falls down. If we miss one component in life - one pillar, life becomes unbalanced. When you want to build not only stable but also conscious life introduce following 'pillars' into your daily life and you will not wait long time to see less stress present in your life, clear mind, increased creativity and awareness.

1. Well developed emotional intelligence

Humans are emotional beings. Emotions are present in every aspect of our life, but the real difference takes place when instead of reacting to someone's emotions you simply recognize certain type of an emotion, observe it and take positive action. This model can be applied to your own emotions: recognize them, observe and act positively. For example: When you feel sad, do not dwell into this feeling. Stop for a moment, recognize the feeling and decide that you do not want to be part of it, whatever is the reason of being sad. Quite often sadness is the result of being in the certain environment or being in the company of certain people, and has nothing to do with you. Do not attached to it. Recognize it and let it go. If you practice recognizing your own and others feelings you will have well developed emotional intelligence and more energy saved.

2. Clear and non judgemental mind

Keep your mind clear and stop to pollute it with judgement, negativity and all the stories that can happen if something happens. There are many situations that are out of our control. Take care about situations and events that you have real impact and influence on. When you decide to quit judgement of others and yourself and stop creating negative scenarios there will be more peace and silence. Out of those two is born creativity, that brings joy and presence to daily life.

3. Feeling of Responsibility

When you have feeling of responsibility for your life and your actions first you stop blaming others for all your defeats and second you make decisions that are good for you not for others, because you take responsibility for your life and you know what is good for you. You stop fulfilling wishes of your parents, partner or friends, you create the life that brings joy and happiness. You are more aware of whom you are and what is good for you. You cut negativity in any form because you know it is harmful for you.

4. Sense of purpose

When you find your life purpose and you discover why you are here on Earth, life is so much more joyful and easier. You know your goal and know where you are heading. You do not let anything and anyone to interfere in your chosen path. There is less negativity present in your life, because by knowing where you are going you attract people and events that support you in your life path execution. It does not mean everything becomes easy. No, but you have enough energy and strength to find the solution.