Your small accomplishments

'Small things make us the most happy'Small accomplishments have the same power. They can make you feel happy and proud of yourself. They are part of the bigger goal that divided into small steps can be achieved much faster and more efficient.

When you stand in front of the big project that need to be completed, either at work or private life, first break it down to small activities that in the end will help you to accomplish your big goal. This can sound like a very easy thing to do and you even might wonder if that really would work?

If you are enough disciplined and self motivated to execute one by one, each of your small goals, you will see the progress. The whole process will be much more organized and you would be able to see clearly how much more steps you need to work out to reach your goal. Do not forget the most important part! Reward yourself after each single accomplished step and do not forget you are the master of your life so pick your goals wisely as the time to accomplish them is limited.