Silence and the Inner Peace

Do you know the state when everything you do just flows effortlessly? 

This state can be reach in silence when your mind is in peace. It is also the situation when your actions are aligned with your heart desire. But what is the silence? Is that the situation when there is no noise around you, when the TV or radio are turned of?

It is the moment of your inner peace. There might be chaos and noise around you but no matter what happens around, peace and silence inside you are present. This inner peace can not be destroyed, can not be vanished by anything and anyone. Once reached it is always with you.

The inner peace can be reached when you first make peace with your self, with your actions and when you start to do what resonates with your heart, when you know your heart desire and follow it, when you made conscious choice to be free from negativity.

It all might not happen over night, it might take some time to define what really matters for you and what is really important but the outcome will be tremendous. The number of creative ideas will flow to you, the right people will appear in the right moment. There will be great opportunities coming on your way, because nothing and anyone can stop someone that follows the truth and keep inner peace.

World Peace Pagoda, Pohara, Nepal

World Peace Pagoda, Pohara, Nepal