The Source of Happiness

There are no doubts that everyone wants to be happy. No matter what one does where lives wants to be happy. Happiness is not tangible value, and I believe that one can not sustain non tangible values with tangible things.

It might seems shocking for many of you that the most happy people I met in the poorest countries and most unhappy people in the wealthy countries. During my travels I met people that did not possessed many material goods, but their eyes were full of joy and happiness, full of life and presence. They appreciate everything what was given to them, they are humble and kind and willing to share everything they have. The fact that they do not spend much time during the day on the material things or virtual life created through social media gives them an opportunity to focus and build better relationships with family members, neighbors, friends or even God. Those are the sources of the satisfaction and happiness for them.

Does it mean that they do not have any problems? Yes, they do and those problems are much bigger than most of us face every day: lack of electricity, running water, lack of the healthcare and stable employment.

Is there a simple recipe for happiness?

I believe everyone has to find its own way to discover happiness. The happiness that is based on the intangibles values. The real happiness does not depend on the nationality, place you live or the occupied position at work and the number on your bank account. Happiness is based on the quality of the relationships you form, acceptance of yourself and others, ability to forgive and being forgiven, ability to be present here and now and enjoying every moment fully.