5 questions that will help you to explore your talents

I hear quite often that someone does not know what his/her talents are. What kind of talents were given to the person. Or simply ' I do not know what I am good at'. It is easy to say that but more difficult explore our talents. Some people since being a child know what their passion is and what they are good at, others need more time to explore their true talents.

If you are in the second group I prepared 5 questions that will help you explore your talents. To do that exercises you need to answer every question included in each single point and note it down.

1. What did you like to do the most as a child? Drawing, swimming, spending time in the nature, being among other children, playing LEGO or you maybe liked the sound of piano or guitar? This is very valuable information. It happens quite often that once we go to school we forget our true passions and do not work on our talents as we are more focused on grades. I believe giving up our talents and not working on them is one of the most negative things that can happen to us. Your potential that you were born with it is not used properly and most of the people that do not realize their talents are very miserable and sad.

2. In what kind of situations do you feel natural and you do not have to put much effort to accomplish the task? Remind yourself moments when you felt at your best.

3. During what kind of activity do you usually forget about the world that surrounds you?

4. When do you feel totally present and do not notice the passing time?

5. What moments of your life give you the most satisfaction and joy?

When you answer all the questions you should already have an idea what you are good at what kind of activity brings you satisfaction and joy. When you know what is is your talent you should start to develop it! It should bring you lots of joy, and you should feel more fulfilled and happy person.

And remember: Usually we are born with more than one talent! That makes the whole exploration even more exciting!

Good luck with the talent exploration!