Time to reconnect with yourself

We tend to focus a lot on the relationships we form with our family members, partners, spouses and even coworkers. Those relationships are quite often the sources of the worry, stress, overthinking, regrets and sorrow.

What if the focus shifts from the external relationships to the the most important relationship in your life time - relationship with yourself?

And I do not mean to be egoistic, selfish and taking care just about yourself only, but rather pay more attention to yourself as an individual. Individual that through the strong, respectful based on values relationship with yourself is able to build stronger, referential and valuable relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

You can't change people but you can always change yourself and by that transform your relationships.

I was very pleased to hear during one of the coaching sessions when client told me that she takes herself for a date from time to time. It's a time only for her, when she can reconnect with herself. She treats the time she can spend with herself almost like a celebration. The time she does not have so often because of the very busy social life she runs.

That could be a great starting point to enjoy your own company in the simple activity like a walk, visit to the cinema, gallery or even going for a solo trip.

Within the time you can start to discover more deeper parts of yourself: your values, what are your strengths, what do you like about yourself, what do you appreciate about yourself the most, what you can praise yourself for, what brings you joy and happiness.

So when you are taking yourself for a date?