Love Yourself First

Happy St. Valentine's Day to everyone that celebrates today!

I noticed that there is lots of controversy about this day lately. I meet more and more people that are against it, but no matter what is your opinion about Valentine's day I would like to wish you today first of all a great love to yourself.

It might sound selfish to some of you, but the most important relationship that you have a chance to build and work during this lifetime on, is the relationship with yourself. You are with yourself every single moment of your life.

Acceptance, self love and kindness and being friend with yourself can bring lots of happiness, joy and beautiful moments. Discovering your true self help to form healthy boundaries and more fulfilling relationships.

When you feel comfortable and relaxed about yourself that feeling is translated to the the relationships with others. The more love you have inside yourself the more you can share with others.

My message not only for today, but for each and single day of your life is: Love Yourself First!