How to live more consciously?

Be Grateful

Be grateful for everything you have, from your eyes, to the meal that you ate this morning. Be grateful for the people present in your life, those best friends and those that gave you hard moments, without them you would never learn all the lessons and experience emotions, that sometimes difficult to process are part of your soul evolution.


It might sounds difficult, but accept everything what happens to you: good and bad events. All happens for a reason. At present moment you might not know why do you experience certain situation. In the future, from the perspective of the time you will be able to see what was the purpose it. Be sure any situation is permanent.

Search For Diversity

Search for diversity in everything and everyone. Talk to people that work in different occupation than yours and have different hobbies than yours. Ask them questions, explore their point of view. It will all help you to be more tolerant and understand that beauty has different names and there is a meaningful story behind each soul.

See 'The Big Picture'

Do not limit your point of view to your own experiences, your own 'world'. Talk to people, confront yourself with different opinions. Search for an information from different sources and build 'the big picture'. If you have doubts first ask question, before you judge. It will save you lots of stress. 

Try New Things

Try out new things at least once a month. Listen different type of the music than usual, try to cook dish from an exotic country, try new type of an exercise or dance, if you have more time travel to the country you never been to. Trying out new things will awaken your creativity and open you up for the unknown.