Your Body is Important

Your body is your temple says popular quote. Your body is not only your temple but also your navigation or even your GPS that informs you about your health state.

When you are stressed and tired body reacts to that emotional states by making your muscles tense and your jaw clenched and teeth grinding. These are just few symptoms and there are many more examples. The chronic illnesses are born when we disregard signals of our body for the long time. When that state lasts long period of time it might seems like its something natural and we forget how it is to feel healthy, full of energy and vitality. 

There are few things you can do right now to improve state of your health and being.

1. Keep you back straight

By keeping your back straight you open the chest and breath more deeper. Your posture is straight and skeleton is placed in the natural position. When I was learning yoga in Nepal my teacher Kendra always repeated like mantra to me: 'Keep your back straight!' When I came back home and practiced yoga by myself I still heard his voice. After almost two years I have to admit that I am proud of the posture I manged to correct.

2. Breath with Your Diaphragm

Most of the people forget to breath with the diaphragm, instead the breath is shallow and as the result lungs do not receive as much oxygen as need. The improper breathing can result in digestive problems, chest pains and even anxiety.

3. Move

Devote at least 30 min 2-3 times a week for a physical activity. You do not have to become an athlete or yoga guru. Start from the walk, bicycling or swimming.  Your body will love it and will be grateful for that additional portion of serotonin the hormone of happiness released after the worked out. Be careful it can be addictive!

4. Observe

Observe your body and do not disregard any pains or aches. Keep the balance between work and your private life. Stress can be beneficial motivational impulse but when experienced for the long period of time in can be harmful for your body and mind. 

5. Eat Healthy

If you can do one thing that your body will be really thankful to you in 10 or more years is healthy diet. Diet reach in fruits, vegetables, proteins (can be plant based for vegetarians), good portions of carbs and minerals. Add fresh water and minimal use of the alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine.

In the end I would add also Acceptance of your body. If you accept all the shapes and curves of your body, look at it with love, friendliness and respect all the listed actions will be much easier to implement.