When miracles start to happen?

Do they really happen? You may ask.

Yes miracles happen.

You have the power to manifest and create the life you deserve for. There is a key ingredient that plays an important role: your emotions.

There are layers of the emotions that need to be acknowledged and let go before your full potential is reached. You can not create positive life if there is still old emotional dust covering your soul. To let go is to make space for positive emotions and more fulfilling events in your life.

Emotions like sadness, grief, despair or not feeling worthy first need to be acknowledged. Once you do it you can let them go and decided that they will not serve you any more.

Be grateful for what you have already. You will never be able to manifest more than you already have if you are not grateful for what you have. Be grateful for each single thing, each single person and event that is part of life experience, no matter if positive or negative.

Maybe you have never heard in your life that you are worth something or that you are loved? It is not important to hear it from someone else, but to hear it from yourself first. The confidence, worthiness and your full potential start to grow when you realize how meaningful being you are first to yourself. 

Repeat every day before going to sleep that you deserve the life of your dreams, that you appreciate and love yourself, express gratitude for what is happening and what will happen. Thank for all the good things that are waiting for you in the future.

Start the day with the positive intention and gratitude and finish it with the gratitude and respect towards yourself and your life.

Be yourself every day! Be the best version of yourself!