Are you corporate slave or slave of your own decisions?

Almost two years ago I informed my manager that I want to quit the job. He was not happy about that but accepted my decision. I just spent almost 2,5 years at the same company. A year earlier I have been transferred to the headquarter. The position was offered to me and I just accepted it, believing that I can't lost this opportunity.

Yes, I have to admit it was good experience to see how the company operates in the headquarter, but still I did not feel fully comfortable with my daily tasks. Deep down in my heart I felt I want to work more with people and people related issues.

Furthermore I knew it is a perfect moment to take break from the corporate life, sort out private life that suffered from good couple of months and simply do the things I wanted to since very long time: voluntary work and more traveling (if you would like to read more about my gap year and life in the Nepalese orphanage click here and here ).

I did not wait with that decision until I hate all the colleagues, until I am so stressed I have to go to the hospital or psychotherapy. I hear often that someone quits the job because of the terrible conditions, treatment of the managers or emotional burnout. In this kind of moments I ask: Why wait such a long time to make positive change? Why wait until you push your physical and emotional limits?

I believe that those critical situations do not happen over night. It all happens within the time. This time can be used to figure it out solution and implement it later on for the better of your own life.

Lots of dissatisfaction from work life comes from the fact that the person's skills and talents do not match well with the job tasks. Employees perform tasks that do not interest them and have nothing to do with their skills and talents.

This is what happens quite often and it happened to me. At the same time it was one of the best things that occurred to me, because it was a moment when the journey of the self discovery has started.