Now is the future

You probably heard many times that the time is now! I would also add that NOW is the FUTURE!

You may ask how come the now is future? Now is now, and future is future, two separate time indicators.

It might seems like this, but what you do, how you feel NOW it shapes your FUTURE already. Every minute of positivity helps to build up more positive feelings in the future. The way how you care about yourself NOW will have an effect on you sooner or later in the FUTURE.

Your every action, a word, a thought has an effect on your future already. This might seems scary at the beginning, but it helps to realize that often instead of being more present we waste our NOW that could be more positive for questions that may never be answered and for worries that will not change anything.

It’s just good to stop, be here and NOW. Feel simple things: the warmness of tea cup filled with your favourite hot drink or the cold drop of a rain on your face.

Look into the eyes of your friend or beloved one, catch the moment of NOW as it will never be back again.