You can make the difference - EARTH Day

This year I have visited for the first time dessert. Place where you can listen the sound of the silence and watch the sky full of shining stars. The sky that is not covered by the pollution clouds and disturbed by the artificial city lights gains completely new meaning. The emptiness of the dessert fills you up with experiences that cannot be put into the words. On the same dessert I saw trash and lots of plastic, covered already by the sand.

This year I had a chance to swim in the ocean of the color of crystal blue, where supposed to live various species of fish especially start finish. I have never seen them. Instead I stepped on the plastic bottle that was lying on the bottom of the sea.

Few years ago I visited city, were for 5 days of my stay I didn't see the sun. It was covered heavily by the smog.

It all made me sad together with mountains of trash I saw in so many parts of the wold, dried rivers, corals that became white. Those are the signs of the times we live in. The times when the nature needs us to restore what we humans already destroyed.

Today is the day of the EARTH. The planet that is our home, our place, where we were born without anything and take for granted our whole life what this planet gives us every day. Some of those things may be not available any more if the modern developments and inventions don't go hand in hand with the development of the human responsibility for the EARTH.

This responsibility is our duty and everyone can make the difference. You as well.