What do you choose?

When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you feel?

Anger, irritation, negativity, unhappiness, dissatisfaction or love, fulfilment, flow of positive energy, content, peace? To which group do you belong?

What is the difference between the first and the second group?

'The Choice'

Second group knows that the way how they feel is a choice. People that represent positive attitude towards others and life made conscious choice to feel that way. Many of those worked years to reach the state of peace and harmony to be aligned with their values and appreciate every single day and the opportunity given. Some are just born optimists and react positively even when the black clouds cover their sky.

It does not mean that those people do not have bad days. Yes they do have them, as we all do. However, those people approach problems with solutions and an opportunity for even more positive change. Some are born with this attitude and some learned it on the way, by looking back and realizing that many of the defeats in the long run turn out to be great opportunities.

What to do next time when the negative feelings overcome you?

1. Take time and observe your feelings

2. Take responsibility for your feelings (Your life starts with responsibility)

3. Do not blame others for the way how you feel

4. Let go of negative feelings (Who benefits from you being angry?)

5. Come back to the state before the negative feeling has appeared

The key to success is to practice. Life gives us lots of opportunities to practice every single day!