Creativity uncovered again

With an age creativity is less and less present in our life. While occupied with schedules, numbers and analysing the creative part of our brain is not used so much often. We simply forget how to be more present, how to be focused while creating and create.

When we were children we all had our favourite game we played with friends or parents. We were curious and look for creativity around us. Within the time this natural ability to be creative has started to disappear. Being creative it is not something someone has and someone does not have. We were all born creative. 

How to bring more creativity to your life?

1. Organize painting or drawing workshop and invite your friends to join you. You can use simple pencils, paints like acrylic or oil or use pieces of paper and create origami or any other form of creative art. I do it regularly and every time we meet with friends we have great doze of fun!

2. Cooking is creativity! Check out new recipe, create new smoothie or juice taste. Modify recipe you already know, add new ingredients. It can be very tasty, creative experience. Bon appetit!

3. If you have time and you are ready to commit for a training for couple of weeks sign up for ceramics, paining, acting, pottery, dancing or singing classes. You will meet people that share similar interests and maybe even you will become inspired by some of them.

4. Use existing applications on your mobile phone or tablet. If you do not have one just take a paper and pencil and start free drawing. Do not put much thoughts in it just let your hand draw freely. Feel the presence and observe the shapes.

5. Last but not least: Take pictures! With today's mobile phones you can take very good quality pictures. Try different angle, perspective and photograph various objects, people, animals, plants - whatever awakens your creativity. Opportunities are countless. 

And remember - creativity starts with an action!