Coaching Q&A

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partner collaboration with the client in a creative process that inspires to maximize personal and professional potential.

How the coaching process looks like?

Usually coaching process consists of 6-8 sessions each 1-1,5h long. First session is always free and the main objective of it is to explain client in details what is coaching and what kind techniques I use. During the first session I have also an opportunity to know you as person and discover why you would like to start coaching process. After the first session you can decide if you want to continue the process or not.

How often takes place coaching session?

It is the client that decides when and how often the coaching session takes place. It can be once a week, once per two weeks or even once per month. It depends what kind of needs you have and how much time you have.

How can I help you as a coach?

If you feel like you want to implement positive change in your life and do not know how to do that, if you feel like you got stuck in area of your life or have a problem defining professional or personal goals and do not know how to execute them. Here is where I can help you to move on to the brighter and more positive part of your life. So far I coached clients that wanted to work on the following topics: personal development, career transition and development, business development, relationships, communication, motivation and healthy lifestyle.

What kind of techniques I use?

In my practice I combine traditional coaching techniques like: questions asking, GROW and SMART model with creative coaching techniques like caching cards, drawing, games or picture taking. I believe nowdays we use too much of a logic part of our brain, leaving the creative part of the brain behind. By switching off logical part of the brain we can look on our problems and challenges from completely different perspective. Those are quite often the magic moments where my clients realise the things that were not obvious to them before. 

Where can I have coaching session in person?

At present I live in Prague, Czech Republic, and I can provide coaching session in person to anyone that lives in Prague too.

Can I schedule coaching session online and how long does the online session take?

Yes, you can. The coaching session can be done online on Skype or Hangouts. Online session takes the same time as session in person:  1-1,5 hours.

Last but not least question I am asked quite often:

Why did I start to coach?

There is nothing more rewarding for me than observing when people grow and develop, when they set up goals and archive them, when they believe in themselves more every day, and learn that the sky is only the limit.

When I coach I forget about the whole world. I am fully present with the client and ready to support and show a broader perspective of the topic that person brings on the table. Simply I like very much helping out others and coaching is my way of expressing it.