Please find below testimonials from Reiki and Intuitive Counselling Sessions:

Andes, Estonia

"I met Ewelina in Centro d´Ompio where we both were volunteering. It took me a while to go to Ewelina´s reiki session because of my own issues that I held deeply inside me. It took some time to open up for me. The reiki session was really intuitive, relaxed. She sensed/knew what I sensed/knew. She could read what emotions/feelings where cought up in my body and gave me suggestions how to move forward. Some questions were really upfront and the answers came later. Ewelina is a compassionate, heartwarmingly lovely Being who is sharing her healing gift. I really appreciate all the talks and walks (up the hill and down the hill)  that we shared. Although we are living in different countries now I feel her kind and loving support. Meeting Ewelina  was a present to me and I am grateful for it."

Michelle, US

"I had the chance to work with Ewelina in two different Reiki sessions while staying in Italy together. These were such special experiences for me; having spent three weeks getting to know Ewelina and see her amazing, gentle light was a true joy. Ewelina has a spirit like no one else I have ever met. She is so receptive to the people around her and very sensitive to the energies that each person is radiating. Then, without judgement, she reaches out to each person where they are. The healing and information I received from my sessions and my time with Ewelina have been so powerful in my continuing spiritual journey. What an amazing soul you have, Ewelina. I am beyond grateful to know you and to have shared in this walk with you. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and my husband, transforming our worlds going forward!"

Luke, US

"My Reiki healing with Ewelina was a special moment in my life. I've always been open to spiritual practices, but consider myself a healthy skeptic as well. Having never had a Reiki session before I was unsure how the session would go, but Ewelina's warmth and compassion put me at ease. Acting as a channel, Ewelina brought through a message that I really needed to hear at that time. The session was very powerful, but also peaceful and gentle.  Her sensitivity and intuition was reassuring that what was happening was real and not a magic show. If you have never experienced Reiki healing before and are considering it for the first time, DO IT! There is divine love waiting to reach all of us and the tradition of Reiki is a beautiful way for it to flow. Thank you Ewelina for the work that you do!"

Nadya, Sweden

" I have known Ewelina for 6 years now but it feels like almost a lifeltime. There are two main aspects I would like to mention about her: her personality and her Reiki skills. She is an exteremly positive person, full of life and energy. She is easy to talk to. What I most like about her is that she accepts you the way you are, listens to what you say and does not try to change you but rather help you or navigate your in finding your way. It is very easy to be yourself around her and talk about valuable things. What amazes me often about her is her strong spirit that never gives up. She is determined and reliable as she has been a good support in key moments in my life. I have experienced her personal and professional development throughout the years. She is a natural talent. I have experienced her Reiki energy in 2 key moments of my life: Last summer I had a bad accident with a horse. I fell terrbly bad and had a concusion. I talked with Ewelina the same evening and told her about the fall. My head was hurting and I could not fall asleep. I was worried something could go wrong. After I talked with Ewelina, 1 hour later I felt calm and I was able to fall asleep. She had sent me her distance Reiki and I felt the flow of energy when my pain started reducing. At that time I was in Bulgaria and she was in Poland. It is amazing despite the thousands of kilometer how powerful the Reiki energy is.  Recently I got sick and I had to take few days of work. I was so busy and really did not want things to go bad and be absent from work too long. When I talked with Ewelina I told her about feeling sick and not being able to go to work and the day after I was feeling much better. I stopped getting worse and was able to go back to work. She had sent me her distance Reiki that worked once again in a moment of need. At that time she was in Poland and I was in Sweden. Once again the distance is not an obstace for the great energy flow. "

Magdalena, Poland

"I met Eve at the Centro d'Ompio in Italy, were we both did the voluntary work. Until today I remember our evening conversations about life and what direction take in order make it more happy, fulfilling and satisfactionary. Eve has an extensive knowledge about holistic healing, healthy lifestyle and spiritual development, what extended our talks indefinitely. She is warm, empathic person, authentic and honest, an excellent listener, sensitive to the needs of others. I would recommend also Reiki sessions with her, during which I felt calm and safe and afterwards I was filled out with harmony. Although now Eve is located many kilometers away from me, I know I can count on her support and help. If you ever will have a chance to participate in the session with Eve, know that you are in good hands."

Jemma, Australia

"I had never experienced Reiki before my sessions with Ewelina and if I am honest, I have always been hesitant about these types of therapies and approaches. Ewelina was warm, open and accepting of how I was feeling and explained the process to me before we began. I felt comfortable from the very beginning and came out of my first session feeling lighter, like a had a new perspective of how to look at myself and the things I was processing at that time. Reiki gave me a chance to explore a different way of thinking about and dealing with things that were being held in my body. Ewelina was professional, personable and compassionate and created a non-judgemental space where I felt    comfortable and made room for my own exploration to happen in a safe and supported environment. Thank you Ewelina for such a special and transformative experience.''

Karolina, Poland

"I have known Eve almost since she was born.  She is always full of energy and has courage to live the life that is far different from the standard one. Eve always impresses me with her openess and courage to head out into the world and help others. It happens rarely that someone devotes its own time for others in spite of knowing that nothing will be given in return. Contact with Eve either personal or on distance always adds energy. Her company abounds in a good dose of positive energy, which results in health benefits. I would recommend Eve as a positive soul that brings sparks of joy to the lives of people ."