Ana, Italy

"I had the chance to be coached by Ewelina in a difficult moment of my life. I had different decisions to make, both at personal and professional level and I did not know what I wanted. Ewelina, as life coach, has never provided me with the answers but asked the right questions which allowed me to get my own answers. She is very professional and she makes sure you don't beat around the bush for too long, which is kind of my nature. She made sure I stayed focused during the different sessions and she also gave me some tasks, with the aim of supporting me through the decisions making process. What I learrned from this experience is that I am the only who can change what I don't like about my life but getting a small help from someone could be just the thing we all might need. This way we can focus on waht matters and act to archive it. Thank you Ewelina for your time and support!”

Veronika, Czech Republic

''Ewelina has crossed my path at the period of time, when I was struggling with insecurity about my professional future. I was doubting my decision to take a certain direction, I was confused and literally lost between what I feel and want versus what is expected from me and what should I do to secure my basic needs. Ewelina was not actually telling me what is or is not right or what I should do. While working with me, she was using a couple of very useful exercises and techniques. These were really helping me to clearly recognise and specify what kind of personality I have and which direction I feel I would like to follow. Looking back I can say, that I already knew all this somewhere inside of me, but because of my emotions and many things going on around me, I was not able to clearly identify it. Thank you, Ewelina, for your time, your patience and the kindness you´ve dedicated to me. It was another important the piece of the puzzle into my picture of being whole.''

Pablo, Spain

''Ewelina became my coach in spring 2017. Since the beginning, she earned my trust through her stress-free and serene approach. I was not in the best place at those moments; I was going through a rough time at my former job and was having problems with my partner. While working on our sessions, Ewelina helped me to uncover my goals and to realize that something in me needed to change, not only to achieve more certainty in my path, also to acquire a calmer, more relaxed and happy state of mind. Through the whole process, not only my goal was achieved, but also I found the motivation and will to apply for a position more in line with my career aspirations, being successfully hired for it thanks to her support. Recently I started developing new hobbies and passions, which contributed as well to my inner happiness and peace. Thank you Ewelina, I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am for getting the opportunity of having you as my coach!”

Violetta, Poland

"I had a great pleasure having several coaching sessions with Ewelina related to the professional development. During the sessions I experienced inspirational and extensive coaching skills of Ewelina. She presents high level of communication skills and possesses mix of character traits, which make the coaching session natural, pleasant, full of peace and at the same time the coaching process is highly effective. What always drew my attention during the sessions was non-standard and deliberate questions that guided me towards solutions. Additional value of our meetings was influence of Ewelina's positive energy, that gave a sense of understanding and acceptance. I recommend Ewelina to all  who seek professional coaching sessions in the field professional and personal development."

Kinga, Poland

"Was I expecting miracles to happen after coaching sessions with Ewelina? I think, yes. Did miracles happen? No. Something else happened, the coaching process triggered an avalanche of situations, emotions, dilemmas and things that were swept under the carpet for long time. I started to question myself and understand better what my needs are. It’s a difficult process but the only way ‘’to change others is by changing myself’’. And it’s an adventurous journey, I have the best companionship ever, myself. Thank you Ewelina.”

Kamila, Poland

"During my first meeting with Ewelina, I completely didn't know what to expect from the coaching session. She explained me everything and made me feel comfortable and relaxed during our conversations. Thanks to these meetings I started to think about my life from different perspective and I discoverd the power of thoughts. Thank you Ewelina!"

Ieva, Latvia

"With Ewelina I felt connection from the first talk, which helped to build mutual trust. Even during the online sessions I felt her full attention and presence. Open communication and practical exercises gave me positive insight into my goals. Ewelina's guidance helped me to realize and discover so many new aspect of myself. After the sessions I felt awareness and confidence to learn and search for the answers about my further path. Coaching sessions with Ewelina were professional, inspiring and motivating. Glad we had a chance to connect."

Julia, Sweden

"With Ewelina I felt really safe from the beginning. Her guidance is very loving and present and I felt truly seen and listened too. With a sincere and clear communication I was guided and coached to help me get in contact more with myself and my longing and direction in life. The meetings were always professional and well prepared with some exercises or tools ready to help me on the way. Thank you Ewelina, this was truly a gift".